Solid Waste

Our company operates projects in field of solid waste in different areas


We work in the sectors of waste treatment, energy production and waste installations management.

Our clients are municipalities, industries and private sector companies.

Areas of expertise

  • Landfill construction
  • Landfill rehabilitation and operation
  • Operation of Land fields
  • Operation of Solid waste rehabilitation plants
  • Biogas from land fields
  • Solid Waste Management
Number of Projects


Landfill construction, rehabilitation, operation, Solid Waste Management etc.

Waste water treatment plants for Municipal Waste

Our company can design from scratch a complete waste water treatment plant project based on the specific needs of the Municipality.

The engineering department can coordinate the construction of the project and the operations department can operate with own personnel for as long as the client wants maximizing the profit of energy saving during the operation and reducing the cost of service due to best operation practices